Life Is Worth Living?

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Life is worth living. So many things happen in a person’s life to make them smile, such as their family, friends or even other matters. The life of someone should never be taken away because life is a Paschal Mystery. For someone to end or give up their life, their opportunity to smile, or make someone else smile is so foolish. Sheen says on page 136 of ‘Life is Worth living’ “I tell you that if God in Heaven had not come down to this earth in the form of a man and given us the supreme example of sacrifice, then God Himself could do, namely, lay down their lives for a friend.” For God to send his only begotten son to come and give up his ability to smile is a lot to take in, which is the reason it is the Paschal Mystery. In today’s society, other people are not always the most important things in one’s life. In ‘Life Is Worth Living’ Sheen writes “On the other side was the puzzle of a man. So I put the man together, and the world came out all right.” (227). This represents how people today look at the world, many things take president in front of friends and family. Many people today go around and get anything and everything they could want or need due to having the money for it. While people over in Africa struggling to get their needs met day to day. With the characteristics of our society today, we can’t take any pain. “Pain without love is suffering or hell. Suffering from love is the sacrifice. Love does not have the power to kill pain or to extinguish it, but it
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