Life Journey Of A First Generation Nigerian American

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If you take the time to look around and see, you will realize that the life journey of every single person is unique. It is highly unlikely that you will find two people whose life journey is the same. Growing up in this country as a first-generation Nigerian-American allowed me to be knowledgeable about the cultures, problems, and successes of both Nigeria and the United States. Many years ago, my parents took a leap of faith and moved my family to America in pursuits of a better life. They left everything they had and knew to come to a foreign land to ensure that their children and the future generations of our family would have a better education, better health, and an overall better life. This was an ultimate sacrifice on their part…show more content…
The doctors who are involved in restoring that individual back to health have the opportunity to witness a miracle; the miracle of life and healing. Becoming a doctor is more than administering medication and seeing patients. Being a doctor is being a friend, forming a familial bond, and sharing the love that a patient needs. It is being someone who gives the patient hope when they feel that there is none. Being a doctor is witnessing an impossible situation become possible. I have chosen to pursue a career in the medical field because I want to expose others to the compassion that all should feel from a healthcare provider. I believe that if I can provide a sliver of hope to a patient they will have enough faith in their process to keep trying. I want to witness first hand the wonders of nursing a premature baby back to health. I want to show love and compassion to the family who recently lost a loved one. I want to be that light; the light that shines in the midst of a dark place.
My journey through undergrad was similar to a flight going through a lot of turbulence. I came in knowing what I had to do, make Good grades, shadow doctors, and volunteer/participate in community service. However, there were a lot of trials and tribulations. It was not until after my freshman year when I hit rock bottom academically that my whole world
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