Life Journey in "Journey to the West," Life of a Sensuous Woman" and "Candide"

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In society today there are several moving parts, almost like gears in a clock, pepole constantly move. Going day in and day out of thier ordinary routiene. Its as if they have lost the purpose of their exsistance. So caught up in tabloids and money people seem to forget the search for love, self acceptance, and spirituality. These concepts are tied into novels written decades ago and were once the main topic of a persons life. Whether a person was looking for spiritual guidence or self accepence, they could find the answer in lititure. In Journey to the West, the Handsome Monkey King was lost and wanted to find enlightenment. He lived in a perfectly harmonious world of immortality, but found that something was missing. He felt as if he had no purpose, so he left his ideal life to go find his meaning. On his journey, he came across several disputes and found that he was not as clever as he thought to be. The Monkey King came across several dicipals and battled his way to find the meaning of true enlightenment. When he finally found his way to enlightenment, he felt as if he achieved his purpose but never returned home. The Monkey King continued to travel around the world with his friend and continued adventuring off to different islands and facing different problems; that was his true propose. Life for him was not meant to be perfect nor easy. At one, point in the book the monkey king states "________________" (pg__)
In life of a sensous woman, two young boys walk in on a

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