Life Lessons Along A Christian 's Journey

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Life Lessons along a Christian’s Journey
The Bible has stories and lessons that communicates to each of us in different areas of life. The Bible is the guide to everyone’s salvation. Understanding God’s voice is understanding the existence of all the living. It is up to each person to choose a godhead life or not. The responsibility in a godhead life does not come easy. The understanding, connecting and unity in a godhead life comes with many tests and trials along the journey, but faith is all it takes.
Christians understand that the Bible is from God. There is so much to take in, but we have a lifetime to get to know God and what are place is in this universe. God does speak to each of us, we just have to listen. God is
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The entire bible is one book, has one author, the Holy Spirit, and has one purpose, to show the fall of man and God’s way to redeem him. No one cannot understand the New Testament without understanding the Old Testament first.
The Old Testament and the New Testament are one book; one balances the other. In the Old Testament life started when God decided to make Adam, “Let us make human beings in our image, (Genesis 1:24 NIV)”. God revealed himself to humans. This is where God connected on a personal level with each of us and we learned how to speak to God. This is also the time when the “Fall of Man” was redeemed. We all may agree that again and again we “fall down”, but God is right there. We just have to believe and pray for God’s guidance. God shows grace, forgiveness and love. God sent his son, Lord Jesus Christ to show us physically and visibly what God is like. God again revealed himself to the world, by his unconditional love. God is constant in his words. Throughout the Bible starting in the Old Testament that God’s son is coming and tells how he is coming. In the New Testament, Christ is sent to save all our sins and uphold the universe. It is important to understand this from the beginning, because whatever is true of God the Father is true of Jesus Christ the Son and is true of the Holy Spirit. God is three persons, but one God. God is REAL.
To understand God is to understand that, “The Father is God: Jesus Christ is God; the Holy Spirit is
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