Life Lessons In The Play 'Our Town'

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“Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?” This quote from the play “Our Town” points out that many people do not potentially live life to the fullest. People always say “don’t wish your life away” because before you know it, it’s already gone. In the play “Our Town” there are many little life lessons that can be learned.

The play "Our Town" starts out with a family that has children getting ready for school. The play then jumps six years ahead where two of the children are now getting married. The small town all attends the wedding and the Stage Manager goes through discussing what the people say about their wedding. After this the play jumps forward another nine years where the bride is now having her second child and dies during child birth. After this happens it tells about people attending her funeral as she watches in the afterlife along with other people form the town in their afterlife. The Stage Manager goes through explaining how all the people died and then the bride, Emily, decides she wants to go back for just one day. She wasn't allowed to pick a normal day so she just picked her 12th birthday. During her birthday, she had a normal morning with her parents and brother, but as the day goes on she realizes that the time is going by too fast. She decides to go back to the afterlife because it was too hard to sit there and know it was her last day with them. She began to realize that even the boring, daily life is important and should be
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