Life: My Envision Of The Good Life

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Everyone has the vision of the good life but how many have sat down to plan it out? How I envision the good life, for myself, is by bettering relationships with my family and friends, creating a relationship with God I've lost years ago, have a career that helps me support my future family and myself, and lastly, have a relationship that will survive no matter what life gives us or God. I plan on trying to start my journey to the good life during my next four years at OBU.
I believe the envision of the good life has to have family and friends. The reason I state this is because they are your support team and your helping hand. I have family members that want nothing to do with me and that's okay by me, but the relationships I have now will forever help shape me and support me. I need to put as much effort into them as they put in me or even more effort. I think that some good characteristics of
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I want a relationship that no matter how tough things get, how many problems, etc. We can work them out. Too many marriages are ending in divorce because when life gets tough, one bails. I want a man that will love me almost as much as he loves God. I want to create a home that kids never wonder what it's like to have both your parents that are still together. Growing up with having my parents divorced, you often wonder what it would be like for both your parents still together. I want my next relationship to be the last. OBU can help me find my future husband or shape me into the person I want to be. Over the next four years, I hope OBU has helped me change for the better and be the person I think will make a difference in the world and in my own relationships. I hope OBU will teach me more about self-worth and how to know when someone is a toxic person and needs to be cut off. I think I found the school to help me challenge myself to be the wife I need to be and the mother, hopefully, I need to
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