Life Of A Beautiful City

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When a Beautiful City Turned into a War Zone
Every city in this world has experience in war. Some cities are still in war and some have to recover from the violence. My home city, called Luq, was my favorite city. It has the very large river, and very tall mountains surrounding. This city is where I was born, and my family lived there almost a decade, But then the city changed. Everything was destroyed and war erupted in the city. So many incidents happened. My uncle got injured, and we had no school for a month. Most of the people left to go to another city. These are some of the incidents that I haven’t forgotten even now. What happened to my city? War will never build the country, rather it will destroy.
It was June 15, I remember that all people young and old were called to the center of the city by the mayor and his staff. All shops and businesses were closed. There was no central government at that time. The mayor was the one who had the power and controls everything in the city. He gave a speech to the people. ' 'Now we have gathered to celebrate to the peace and the beauty of our city. Anyone who wants to damage our city and its people will be taught a lesson. ' ' I was eight years old at that moment. All the people were enjoying his speech, and everyone was happy and people were clapping. After he finished his message, everyone went back to their homes. The second day, the leader of our city went the capital which was far away from our city. Immediately…
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