Life Of A Foreign Country

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Most people dream of traveling to a foreign country or even living abroad. What most do not imagine when they have these dreams is space, moreover, living there for long periods of time. Years of planning goes into living in space long term whether it 's the international space station or orbiting in a vessel. Obviously, the way of living in space is much different than that of Earth. Without the force of gravity upon them, astronauts must learn to adapt to daily life in a much different manner. From their sleep habits to their food intake, or their free time to their work life, many aspects of simple life change while living longterm in space. The condition of the body can also drastically be affected while living 250 kilometers above the earth. The lack of gravity can do a number on the condition of the body; however, surprisingly, the human body can adapt quite well. Up in space, there is no shortage of problems had to be dealt with. Without microgravity, which is so often taken for granted, adaptations take place in the body that can have both long and short term effects. Long term living in space can be the most difficult thing an astronaut could go through; however, the knowledge and benefits received from their experience and research can be the best reward, not only given to them but to the rest of mankind. Hygiene in space takes on a different role. When it comes to keeping oneself clean, gravity, or lack of, definitely affects how an astronaut goes about their
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