Life Of A Manor : A Diverse Depending On Social Status During The Medieval Period

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Life on a manor was very diverse depending on your social status during the medieval period in Europe. This essay will discuss the life of people during the Middle Ages in Europe. It will first give background on how feudalism began and explain the feudal classes on a manor. Next the paper will inform about the manor system and relationships between lords and serfs. It will then expand on the actual lives of individuals who lived on a manor. After that it will explain the differences in the lives of noblemen and women. Following the lives of men and women, it will touch on the life of the royal family on a manor. Lastly it will show the connections between medieval life and modern life. When feudalism began in Europe it disrupted any sort of central government systems. During the ninth and tenth centuries, the Frankish rule was widespread throughout most of Eastern Europe. As groups such as the Vikings, Magyars, and Muslims invaded, the Frankish rule started falling apart. To find structure wealthy people sectioned themselves off by creating manors from their own land and broke away from any kind a central authority. After these events, any type of public government in Europe vanished and this led to a rise of feudalism. Feudalism is based mostly on the relationship between a lord and a vassal, in other terms someone in lower social ranking than a lord, typically a noble or knight. The lord would grant a fief, or section of land, to a vassal and in exchange the

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