Life Of A Past, Present, And Future

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There are many stages in life, three of which that summarizes our whole life into a past, present, and future. Lucy is a character that moved to the states from a foreign country. She is building a new life to invest in a memorable future to try and escape her deadly past. There are many instances where Lucy finds herself becoming homesick. She continually goes back and fourth from stages in her adulthood, to try and distinguish the things in life she loves and things in life that she hates. The novel weaves parallel accounts of Lucy’s wistful disengagement from her family back home and her developing relationships with her American employers Marian and Lewis, her friend Peggy, and her lover Paul, a bohemian artist (Nichols). Stage one, as a child, we are raised and influenced by the beliefs of our parents. Stage two, as a teen, we contemplate whether we should invest in the opinions of our parents or oppose them. Stage three sets the time of an individual as an adult, where we carry each decision we make, from country to city, while at the same time, we either appreciate our parents or outside influences for our actions, or despise them at our own accountability. Considering being in the third stage of her life, Lucy begins to reveal in detail, the many reasons why being native in this foreign city prevents her from forgetting her past. For example, Lucy never liked daffodils, and while Mariah believes she is introducing Lucy to a new season called “spring,” she is
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