Life Of A Sensuous Women Summary

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In Life of a Sensuous Women, by Ihara Saikaku, A frame story in which women tells the story of her life and all of the promiscuous encounters that have gone on in her life. In the story, I believe love for women of lower class is not affectuous but based more so on the lust men have in for the receival of goods and fortune. One point in the story that I saw lust in return for goods was in the case of a domain lord. A domain lord is looking for a mistress with a very specific characteristics. The lord has a retainer scour the capital looking for this lady but comes up empty handed. The retainer decides to go looking in the nearby cities where they meet the main character of the story whose features fit the suiter perfectly. The women agrees to be a mistress for the Domain lord and describes “Everything was so luxurious, well in the day I couldn’t believe my eyes”. The women is allowed to go to plays and live in a beautiful mansion while her task is to make love to the domain lord. They made “love” multiple times and she hoped to get pregnant. Unfortunately the domain lord became sick which the councilors believed it was the women’s fault. They had her sent away to never return. It almost seems that to the lord, making love to the women is not actually love but instead just lust which comes with a fee. She is sent away because if they no longer have sex, what is the point of having her around as she is just and expense. Another encounter she has with a man starts by her
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