Life Of Christians Versus Muslims Living Essay

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Life of Christians versus Muslims Living in America The land that was once made for the free people of the world to come and make a living out of themselves has disappeared. America was built for people to live a life of freedom, something that is very uncommon throughout the world. America had a great vision that people of all races, ethnicity, sexes, or religion can be united as one. The moral power of the flag that has the bright red, white and blue stars has been lost in society. I believe that American study is an interesting topic because America has gone from loving each other, to only loving a selected few of people, back to loving each other, and to now, where people are going through a rough period of trust within the nation. The land of the free has now become the land of a lost nation. I believe that America has never strived when society puts blame or stress on a minority group, simply because the strength of America is because of the strength in number the nation has. The more people we have to join hands with and minds thinking together, we have excelled all expectations, but as a nation, we have, yet to understand that. Both of my parents grew up in an African Country named “Eritrea.” The country has become my home, even if I never lived there and only had the chance to visit about two times. I try to learn anything I can about how Eritrea is doing. One thing that is outstanding about Eritrea is the relationship between Christians and Muslims in the country.

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