Life Of Human Resources : A Personal Account

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Life in Human Resources: A Personal Account Career preparation and overall position success revolves around knowledge and educational development. Gaining the skills to proficiently perform the duties of any position is of the greatest advantage for staff members and organizational leaders. At the same time, even gaining such knowledge and education is not enough to cultivate sustainable skills and competencies in a manner in which to create a strong career path and achieve personal goals (Cosby, 2014). As such, the following is an overall assessment of personal decision making and problem solving accouterments, developed professional etiquette, communication skills, time management strategies, and professional goal setting. Decision…show more content…
Sometimes leaders have to make decisions that provide the most supportive solutions for the organization as a whole. Developed Personal and Professional Etiquette The establishment of personal and professional etiquette is necessary in the business setting. Professional etiquette is the unwritten code of conduct that everyone should establish when interacting with other members in their personal and professional circles (Shepherd University, 2016). Additionally, there exist a number of areas in which proper etiquette must be established, which include correspondence, telephone usage, physical appearance, conversations, and meeting attendance. Applying this personally, when attending meetings there are a couple very necessary etiquette properties. First, show up on time and end the meeting on time. Everyone has very busy schedules and sometimes back to back meetings, therefore it is very important for the meeting to take place at the time and in the timeframe allotted. When conducting a meeting, there is always an agenda with topics of discussion and time allotment, this assists in making sure the meeting stays on track and on time. Secondly, arrive to the meeting prepared for the topics of discussion. It is important to be a contributor to the discussion, therefore arriving prepared and knowledgeable about the topic of discussion is extremely important. For this reason, the agenda is created and distributed to team members ahead of the

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