Life Of My Life

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Life, in my opinion, was quite boring. Waking up every single day of my teenage life at the same time, eating breakfast at the exact same time, taking practically the same lunch five times a week, taking the bus with the same people I've known all my life and eventually ending up spending eight hours out of my day being around those people. At the end of the day, I still have to go home to meet my family. And yes, it may seem as if I'm a very moody and arrogant teenager, but in my defense, that was the old me. Everything about me changed on that fateful day. It was on June first that everything changed. As I was sleeping all I could hear was loud noises and screams, at first, I taught it was my annoying brother watching another horror movie, but then I could feel grains of sand falling on my face. Then I felt very hot and it felt like I was sleeping on something very hard and cold. I was too tired to wake up so I thought it was a dream at first, but then I could feel a hand shaking me and screaming for me to wake up. When I finally opened my eyes, I was beyond shocked. I was surrounded by men, women, and children running for their lives, bullets going through their bodies and a woman screaming at me in a language I've never heard but weirdly could understand. She was telling me to get up and run for my life that the enemies have arrived and that they were killing them. Funny enough that is what I did, but in the process, so many things were going through my mind, like how
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