Life Of Our Time As A Student

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In the fast paced life of our time as a student, it is easy to forget to reflect on our time here at Boston University. Through all of our exams, papers, group projects, and late-night outings, our thoughts ebb and flow, and often we forget to reflect on all the progress that we’ve made throughout the semester. As students, we’re exposed to so much information, be we also find ourselves relearning the things we thought we understood all along, and so, for this assignment I have chosen to go back and reflect on my reflections. My goal is to better understand the journey that I have gone through as a first-semester Writing Consultant, to highlight the anticipated challenges and the unsolicited worrying that I had at the beginning of the year, and to celebrate the progress that I’ve made along the way. I will draw upon my reflections, using specific quotes, as well as some of the course material, to understand where my ‘ah-ha’ moments occured and where they still might need to happen. Prior to beginning my role as a consultant, I was a bit nervous – or more accurately, I was very nervous! Although I had plenty of experience working as either a tutor or a teacher’ assistant, I realized that most of my experience dealt with teaching math and science. In my mind, I believed that math and science were less fluid and more structured, and their clear and concrete answers made the tutor’s job easy by providing the educator with an answer that was undisputable. Before my job
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