Life Of Pablo Kanye West Analysis

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Okay, hi. I had to get that out of the way, whoops. So, basically I haven't written on my blog in awhile, and I was thinking I should do that. For all the big papas out there who are curious as to what I'm writing, they could've just read the title, but I might as well say it again. This is going to be my personal opinion on the best albums I have liked and listened to that were released in 2016. Oh by the way, it's a very long post and should probably be two parts, but at that point it's not worth it to me anymore.

The Life Of Pablo - Kanye West (February 14th, 2016) 9.8/10

Kanye West (Presumably the greatest rapper of all time ?!) released The Life Of Pablo and it was hands down my favorite album of the year. What I think I liked most
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His voice is oh so very flat, and the amount of autotune he uses is ridiculous. In some songs it was annoying, but I kind of like it overall, and the autotune is a very distinct sound. His vocals are very distinct. Lil Yachty sells the idea of fun and being unbothered throughout his mixtape, but he lacks complete lyrical skills. If you listen to music for the lyrics then this album definitely isn't for you. Yachty knows how to make a catchy hook, which is one of the main reasons I liked the mixtape. It had a cute sound to it, if you ask me, it's different from everything else, from the sound to the autotuned lyrics. A few words to sum up the album (mixtape) : autotune, and…show more content…
My Krazy Life (2014) was fantastic and I wasn't sure if I had the same amount of hope with Still Brazy? ! I Well, YG's creativity really flowed, and his story telling skills were legit. He found a way to address the elephant in the room, in a fashionable manner. I found most of the teaser songs very blunt, simple, straight forward, and catchy. This really hyped up the album, for me. The album had a tastefully throwback flavor, which I was fond of. The production was licit (even though there was no DJ Mustard to be seen) and everything had structure. Catchy flows and good feels were brought to the table indeed. One word to sum up the album :
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