Life Of Pi And Heart Of Darkness

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If one was let go from society for a few days would he/she be able to keep with their morals? And once one came back from being isolated would they be the same? Self-identity is a state of mind in which individuals recognize qualities about themselves that set them apart from other people. Self-identity is usually expressed in novels for the reader to relate to the characters and their emotions. Life of Pi by Ang Lee and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad are two books that depict Self-identity. Both characters face challenges as they want to fit in with society, but once they are isolated both realize they need to be themselves, and not what others say. The faith and the journeys Marlow and Pi hold changed their identities for the better or in Marlow’s case, the worse.
Faith is the sum and substance of life. Without faith, humans cannot achieve anything. If one was to observe all the greatest idea’s carried out in this world, one would find faith was the sole purpose. Look at Pi from Life of Pi, he was first enlightened by Hinduism; however, he discovers many more religions as he gets older. He becomes enlightened by Christianity and Islam. Pi’s religious curiosity creates anxiety in his family. It was tough for them to grasp why he practiced various religions. However, this did not stop Pi from staying faithful. This faith is put to test when he spends over 200 days stranded on a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean with an orangutan, a zebra, a hyena and a tiger named Richard
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