Life Of Pi By Ang Lee

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“Life of Pi” Film Analysis Everyone grows up. Some sooner than others. It may be subtle, and it could be traumatizing. In “The Life of Pi” produced by Ang Lee, Pi got the latter. The major running theme throughout the movie is that the loss of innocence is something everyone goes through. Ang Lee shows this in the use of lighting, angles, and sound effects in multiple scenes. When Pi has to change his name because the kids at school were making fun of him, when he is forced to watch the tiger eat the baby goat alive, his first love and his first heartbreak, when his family has to move away from his home, losing his entire family in a shipwreck, caring for himself and a tiger while at sea, and finally, in realizing what actually happened those first few days after the shipwreck are all examples of this theme. Piscine Molitor Patel, or Pi, was named after the cleanest, most pure swimming pool in all of France. This brings in the cinematic effect of the water and what it resembles throughout the movie. When good things happen, the water will be clear and pure. When bad things happen (or will happen), the water is cloudy or reflective. At the young age of 11, kids from Pi’s school start making fun of him, calling him “Pissing”, soiling the pure and innocent meaning behind his name and what it stands for. “With one word my name went from an elegant French swimming pool to a stinking Indian latrine, I was pissing everywhere.” Pi, being the kind and innocent child that he…

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