Life Of Pi By Yann Martel Essay

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Today, stories are an intrinsic part of our society and culture. Past down from generation to generation, whether it is in movies, music, news, media, religions, or art; the influence of storytelling is to be seen in all aspects of our lives. But when it comes to writing our stories, through literature, the distinct features of storytelling are most prevalent. Just like in Yann Martel’s book, Life of Pi, the author explores storytelling as the bridge to our sanity when faced with a traumatic or difficult experience. In this novel, two story truths Martel explores are the saving role of the imagination and the fear of the illusions of freedom in both religion and zoos. In Karen Russell’s novel, Swamplandia she uses the existence of ghosts and the Bigtree family 's grief from Hilola 's death, as the two motifs in Russell 's theme of storytelling. Based off of both novels, we are able to see how Mattel and Russell uses the human imagination of storytelling to overcome the obstacles presented in life. Martel uses Richard Parker to represent how powerful the human mind’s imagination can truly be. Through the characterization of Richard Parker, we can see how his actions can be a reflection of Pi’s alter ego. For instance, when they are both stranded at sea on the boat, at first Richard Parker acts belligerent towards Pi. The feelings that Richard Parker conveys at this point of the story, can be perceived as Pi’s inner feelings of frustration from losing his family on the

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