Life Of Pi Discussion Questions

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Emily Stehr
H. English 10
19 August 2014
Life of Pi Discussion Questions
1. Examine Pi’s harmonious relationship with both religion and science. How have his upbringing and life experiences contributed to this balanced worldview?
Readers are introduced to Pi’s appreciation of both religion and science in the first paragraph of the novel when he speaks of his majors in both religious studies and zoology at the University of Toronto. His choices of majors are ironic given the long-standing friction between religious and scientific thought, and the two opposing viewpoints coming together seems impossible.
His description of the sloth, the subject of his zoology thesis, encompasses both aspects of Pi’s thought. In a scientific sense, Pi is familiar with an abundance of sloth facts and information. Pi also recognizes, however, that there is a spiritual essence of the creatures on earth, like the sloth, that science is unable to grasp.
Pi knows that science and research cannot fully explain the spiritual beauties he discovers throughout his life. He also knows that religion cannot substantiate scientific truth. Pi must understand the two subjects together in order to comprehend the complexity of the world.
Pi regarded Mr. Kumar and Mr. Kumar to be The two men influenced Pi’s worldview by exposing him to knowledge of scientific reason and religion. Mr. and Mr. Kumar’s completely contradictory values lead him to choose his majors at the University of Toronto later in his life.
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