Life Of Pi : Humans And Animals Should Do Anything Necessary

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Theme Essay

Life of Pi shows that humans and animals should do anything necessary to survive whatever challenges they face to live instead of just accepting death. Whatever ways that help one to survive are necessary, even if they compromise personal values, are vicious, or are wicked. Pi, a human; a hyena, and a blind man all fight to survive in a variety of ways that are examples of this thesis.
Pi quits his vegetarian diet and also chooses to live on a raft next to a bengal tiger on a lifeboat, which are both unusual and unconventional choices for him. He satisfies his hunger by quitting being a vegetarian and eating fish. Pi knows that “A lifetime of peaceful vegetarianism [stands] between [him] and the willful beheading of a fish” (Martel 98). In other words, his body needs the fish because the beheading “had to be done” (Martel 98) in order to survive.
In addition, Pi decides to feed a “450-pound” (Martel 61) bengal tiger named Richard Parker for his own self preservation. He acknowledges, “I had to tame him. It was at that moment that I realized this necessity…More likely the worst would happen: the simple passage of time, in which his animal toughness would easily outlast my human frailty” (Martel 164). This means that Pi fears that the fierce animal strength and power of Richard Parker would eventually kill and eat him for food.
Furthermore, Pi confesses to wanting Richard Parker to live primarily for Pi’s own survival when he states, “A part of me did not want…
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