Life Of Pi Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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The main characters in the story Life of Pi are a boy named Piscine Molitor Patel also known as Pi, a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, and a boat. The story is about a young man who survived a shipwreck of the Tsimtsum but, lost his family. He was put into a lifeboat with a zebra, a hyena, a Bengal tiger, and an orangutan. He makes it alive off the boat with the Bengal tiger, both however severely ill in two hundred and twenty-seven days. Pi made it to a hospital and was interviewed by two Japanese men who were wondering how the Tsimtsum sunk. The three main similarities between the book and the movie are that all the animals still represent the same people, in both the movie and the book Pi’s father fed the goat to the tiger, and they both explain Pi’s 3 religions. I believe that they kept all the animals to represent the same people because it adds more of a story to it. Pi’s father Santosh was teaching Pi a lesson to…show more content…
In my opinion, I believe the filmmakers didn’t put the blind sailor in the film because it would have been difficult for the audience to understand the reasoning how both Pi and the sailor go blind. The carnivorous island was more capable of understanding in my opinion when they were only on the island for one day because it’s an island that can consume you if you’re not careful. In my opinion, the book was better. The book gave you a better description of Pi’s life before the lifeboat where as the movie did not. Some people believe that the movie is better because it cuts out the many unnecessary details, but the details about Pi’s survival and the things he knew about the animals was half of the story for me. The movie was like a summary and I like when there is a bigger picture, in my opinion, that is why the book is
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