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Life of Pi Paragraphs Plot: 92 Chapter 92 is a story of its own. It begins by exciting the reader with something new: an island, then it continues by describing the new lifestyle. Most of the chapter feels like a sort of relief from the horrible journey through the ocean and it calms the reader. In the end of the chapter, the plot twist where the organism is actually carnivorous feels like a betrayal because Pi was given a happy, relaxing life, only to have it violently snatched from him yet again. It is apparent that Pi wishes that he had not found out about the organism’s secret because he says “Ah, how I wish that moment had never been! But for it I might have lived there for years-why, for the rest of my life on that island.” (Martel 310)This shows that he is so happy there that he would have preferred to unknowingly live on an island that is trying to eat him than to know and therefore leave the island. Overall, I enjoyed reading the plot of chapter 92 because it was full of twists and turns that made it exciting and different from the repetitive feel of the rest of the book. Characterization: 43 Chapter 43 used a small amount of direct characterization and lots of indirect characterization to describe the hyena. The only direct characterization was really when Pi told the reader that the hyena is “An animal to pain the eye and chill the heart.”(129). The evidence for this was much more specific and in the form of indirect characterization. We were given examples of

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