Life Of Pi Religion Essay

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“Religion” sounds like a unattainable thing in our daily life, and God is holy and Devine. Nevertheless, In Yann Martel’s “Life of Pi”, religion has a leading effect; it influences the trend of plot. In Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, religion has a indispensable role for Pi by giving him knowledge to make a difficult decision, helping and supporting him mentally, and god enabling him to survive in the life boat. Religion gives Pi a lot of knowledge , and it evokes him to make a difficult decision. He believed in three religions which are Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. He was a Hindu before he met Christianity and Islam. After he met Christianity, he realized it was a religion about love, and he decided to become a Christian. However,…show more content…
In life of Pi, God was Pi’s compass; it guided the direction for him when he was confused. In addition, God teach Pi that never give up, and if you believed in fate, you will not died: “ Finally, by the fifth shield, he was able to send Richard back in to the bottom of the the boat by flowing on the whistle and rocking the boat to induce nausea in the tiger” (Martel chapter 70). In this quote, Pi was finally domesticated the tiger successfully, and it ensured that Pi will be safe. Because of the tiger was ferocious and aggressive, it will attack and hurt Pi. In the contrary, Pi decided to save the tiger and train it. Pi did that because the religion evoked him. For instance, Christianity told him to love, and save the tiger is a benignant thing. If Pi didn’t save the tiger, the tiger may died, and Pi will face the danger lonely. Lots of people think that ti is safer for Pi to stay without the tiger. Nevertheless, Pi will bear the loneliness by himself. It was extremely unendurable for a person to live lonely for several months, and it may cause the mental collapse. For the religion, Pi understood love; he saved the tiger, and it accompanied him for the countless days in the lifeboat. Therefore, Pi ’s belief was the key for him survived in the
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