Life Of Pi Religious Analysis

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In Yann Martel's novel Life of Pi, Pi goes through an evolving journey, in this venture over sea Pi entrusts Gods of three separate religions to protect him against the treacherous terrors he overcome on the sea; however, not one of his cultures are perfect. In fact, he hardly worships each of them in whole; he always praises the Gods that he recognizes to help him in his interminable perpetual journey.
Since Pi continues to be a man of many religions, he cannot truly follow each of the religions individually, he must worship them in singularity, especially when it comes to his own survival, the last thing he thinks of is his religion. Aside from his little worshipping, he still uses his religion as a spiritual shield. He trusts his Gods to protect him and gets tested by his powerful and horrible experiences. Pi had to gain a testimony of each God he trusted or he would not have the confidence or mental drive to continue. This helps Pi to prevail; throughout Pi's life Pi had to worship one Providence but he grew to appreciate the help of more than just one Maker.
Pi's original leaders beliefs opposed to Pi's new beliefs in his daily life, His leaders said their Gods are the only true Gods, while Pi knows in his heart that he was helped by many
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Pi recognizes this to be true when he reasons the "Frenchman" (241-255 Martel) to be non-religious and Pi outlasts the man and Richard devours him. It is interesting that Pi remains faithful even when he settles down with a family in Canada. Pi continues to be galvanized many times to keep going even when times are hard because of the benefit and security Pi gains from his deities. Pi gets challenged yet again in his faith when he consults the Chinese men, while his two stories seem to be quite different they actually substantiate to be quite
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