Life Of Pi Short Story

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The True Story of Pi Patel The book “The Life of Pi” was an exquisite story where a young boy, Piscine Patel, experiences hardships like no other. Although it begins with a slow start, it takes a drastic turn, and everything but Pi’s faith in God and religion changes. His faith in God remains unwavered, although he does get angry and doubts God at some points. He tells a story to obtain a false sense of reality, but reveals the truth to what actually happened at the end of the book. The story he told about the animals was an attempt to block out the memories of his mother being stabbed to death by the cook. Nobody who experiences those feelings wants to, and being on a lifeboat with a man who killed your mother, you would need a distraction. The distraction Pi had was creating the fake story about the animals and carnivorous island. Due to the extreme detail he put into creating the story with Richard Parker, it is hard to say it was all a lie, but what he told the Japanese investigators was just impossible. There is simply no such thing as a carnivorous island, and the odds of coming across another blind Frenchman in a lifeboat in the pacific are nearly impossible. Although the first story is easier for Pi to bear, the second, more gruesome one, is the true story of what happened. He had 227 days to come up with the detailed story he first told, but the investigators stated, "We want a story without animals that will explain the sinking of the Tsimtsum.” (Page 168).
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