Life Of Pi Where During Pi 's Journey

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Discoveries referring to people and places can lead an individual to new values and understandings but also ramifications. These discoveries being on a large or small scale can lead to positive outcomes such as new understandings and values or negative outcomes being ramification or consequences brought from a discovery. This is evident in Ang Lee’s film Life of Pi where during Pi’s journey and hardships lead to his new understanding of faith contrasted to his discovery to survive on his journey, seen through his relationship with Richard Parker and his belief that animals have souls, lead to vast ramifications. Similarly, in Julian Barnes’ short story Marriage Lines the return to the Island bring new understandings of his past memories…show more content…
Pi’s understanding of faith is further developed in the face of adversity during his time stranded in the pacific. This is conveyed through Lee’s use of magic realism in the daybreak scene, where through Lee use of the wide shot of the horizon meeting the ocean, emphasising the hue colours of orange which contrast’s to Pi’s message about God and placing his faith in him, “God I give myself to you. I am your vessel. Whatever comes I want to know. Show me”. Through Pi’s actions of losing hope in the message in the bottle, emphasised in Lee’s close up camera work and stagnated water, but also in the rational world, he demonstrates his discovery of religion and faith being tested, linking back to the quote of the older Pi. Pi’s ultimate test of faith is demonstrated through the Storm and the “Carnivorous” Island both considered forces of nature where Pi’s faith and submission to his faith are tested through both situations appearing to be less violent and dangerous in nature than they truly are. Lee demonstrates this new understanding by again using the experienced older Pi narrating the lessons learned in adversity, “If I hadn’t discovered the tooth, I would have been lost, alone forever. Even when God seemed to abandon me he was watching…”. This final step ultimately displays how Pi found new understanding to his faith through the experiences on his journey. Therefore, through Pi’s journey leads him to the discovery of the new understanding

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