Life Of Ranofer's Half-Brother In 'The Golden Goblet'

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The novel Golden Goblet illustrates the life of a young Egyptian boy struggling against the cruelty of his half-brother Gebu. This novel is the life of Ranofer as he desperately tries to uncover the secrets of his half-brother and the mysterious golden goblet. He eventually discovers that Gebu is a tomb robber and knows he must tell someone. He ends up telling Queen Tiy herself and receiving great rewards for his actions. When Ranofer finds the goblet, it sets off a whole new stream of events, each leading to the next. This lead to him figuring out what Gebu does with his helper Wenamon, what a strange scroll in the scroll room is for and this all leads to Ranofer finding out and being able to prove that Gebu is a tomb robber. When Ranofer…show more content…
He finds a interesting scroll with a room that appears useless, a store room he thought. But no, he realized. It is much more than a store room, “The little room in the tomb drawing, the one for the Pharaoh’s master of storehouses. It was no room at all. It was a passage like this disguised so that the workmen could hack it out without knowing…”. Although he did not find the goblet, he found yet another clue. One day, the day when Gebu and Wenamon go to rob a tomb, Ranofer follows them. Wenamon is very nervous, he almost is scared, unlike his evil partener Gebu. Wenamon said, “ ‘... you may regret this day impatient one!’ It was Wenamons murmuring voice, that was certain. Gebu lashed back at once, ‘Fool, who would follow us? Even the guards are feasting in Thebes.’ “. Ranofer realizes that Gebu was planning to rob something, bigger than a gold shop, to rob tombs. In conclusion, the previous reasons prove my point that the most important event is when Ranofer finds the Golden Goblet. All these events lead to one another in a river of new mysteries and new finds. Eventually, poor Ranofers problems are solved. He tells the Queen and they amazingly believe him. He is rewarded greatly and the goblet is found. Ranofer lives a very happy life after with his beloved friends Heqet and the Ancient with his donkey
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