Life Of The Chosen Analysis

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The Life of the Chosen

Our story begins in the late Medieval era, the 16th century. Right after the death of Al-Andalus, the arabic prince of Denmark. The country of Denmark was in a political turmoil to defend their reputations as one of the strongest, superpower nation of the world. But after their great warrior king's death, the other allied and opposing countries were beginning to undermine the status of modern day Denmark. Whilst all this is happening, the nation itself was beginning to change in the direction of the ideology of Europe, one of these new values was Chivalry. The solution devised by the new administration was to follow the European revolution and create an army similar to that of Britain, solving the status problem and
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My 17th birthday marks the day I can become enrolled into the barracks and leave the life of being a patron of a hollow case and rebirth myself into a handsome, brave knight, or at least that's what I am hoping for. It was 3 months after my birthday that collection of the boys for the program will begin. That morning, I woke up early and got ready. Right around 20 minutes later, heard the crackles of a carriage rocking and crackling along the road. I hurried to get to the road and board the cartel. Once I reached there, an old man with a brown tanned hat became to speak in the heaviest metallic voice, “ So are you Pagnet Girvan? The underling of Great Knight Gostuf the 3rd?”, “Yes” I responded. “No one to help board you on? Guess that’s the life of the Knight” I smiled and got on. He is right you know, us soon to be knights face this problem. I immediately turned and saw a bright pale freckled face sitting on top of his bags. Seems you can relate, by the way my name is Ernie Smith, it’s a pleasure to meet you. From their, me and Ernie spent our time devoted to learning the ways' combat and chivalry, studying forgery of swords and crafts to learning to connect with the animals. Eating meals of pottage and bread to strengthen our bodies. We watched the stars to count the days until we can join the battlefield. And soon enough the day had come for us to emerge as the new Knights we
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