Life Of The Composer : Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Ludwig Van Beethoven Music plays an important role in the human life through entertainment, inspiration, conveying messages that help to shape the moral fabric of the society through education, among others. This is made possible through identifying with and relating to the artiste’s or composer’s feelings and aspirations. In trying to understand the intentions for which a particular musical piece has been composed, it is normally prudent to study the life of a composer to better place a clear picture for such a composition. Better yet, when in the pursuit of this valuable talent and profession for years suddenly gets threatened by the loss of hearing, it is interesting to try and understand the motivation that keeps a composer to ardently continue to produce marvelous works for years to come. Of particular interest is the life of the renowned German composer, Ludwig Van Beethoven, who, despite his deteriorating sense of hearing, continued to compose remarkable music after remarkable music. This research paper will look into the life of the composer and explore his coming of age into music, his motivations as a prodigy in music, the story behind his famous composition Fur Elise, his deteriorating sense of hearing and how it affected his lifestyle and also how it affected him in writing music. To achieve this, this paper will look into his early life while growing up, his pursuits in music, his life as a composer before the loss of…
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