Life Of The Elderly At A Nursing Home

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Katrina Gilbert is a single mother, living paycheck to paycheck with her three children, Trent, Lydia, and and Brooklyn. Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, making nine dollars and forty-nine cents. Separated from her husband Jeremy, Katrina now works day in and day out supporting herself, and her children. Spending most of her time taking care of the elderly at a nursing home. I personally didn’t have experience with poverty growing up. My family was not wealthy by any means, however we were well enough off that my family was taken care of. It wasn’t until I moved out of my parents home in Nashville, to move down here to Chattanooga that I learned what it meant to live paycheck to paycheck. After paying off every bill I wouldn 't have enough money to eat a decent meal. My diet consisted of instant ramen, and tap water. Not being able to sleep because of too much stress, and not being able to hang out with family or friends because I had to work, or didn 't have enough money to work out. Living paycheck to paycheck was very hard in the beginning, and it wasn’t until I got a good job, and good hours that I finally started making good enough money to branch out a bit. Watching the film made me sad for Katrina 's situation, and also made me realise how lucky I really was growing up and living on my own. I had it easy, and she had it as hard as it possibly could be. Jeremy and Katrina are now separated with three children. Jeremy abused pain medication, and because
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