Life Of The Spoiled Baby

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Not First and Definitely Not Last

In the beginning, I only knew the life of the spoiled baby in the family. Then five years down the road, came a nine pound bundle of sickness. As a baby my little brother Matthew was in and out of hospitals. The sickly baby was not the only thing my parents made, along with the baby came jealousy and competition. So from going to getting most of mom and dad’s attention, to getting virtually none, my life began to get pretty difficult as a five year old. Instead of spending the weekends at home with my family, I spent them wondering when I would get to see my mom and dad again. Getting bossed around by my older sister, Hannah and my older brother, Jacob, made me miss them even more. After seeing Matthew in the hospital I felt guilty for being jealous of all of the attention he was getting. But I was 5,and dumb. At this time, everything I knew about my family was changing. I had to learn to be a little more independent and at the same time be someone people could depend on.

Five years passed and I was finally getting used to how things were. Then, what do you know, more change comes along. The person that I had shared a room with all my life was moving out and going to college. A college two hours away no less. I did not know what I was going to do with myself. The person I had looked up to and aspired to be was leaving me. Sure, there was a sense of freedom, because now I got the whole room to myself. This felt so good at first,then the
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