Life Of Torture

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Imagine, you’re walking home from school one day and all of a sudden you get shot in the leg, you look down and there’s a little dart in your leg, you scream out of pain, you scream as loud as you can but it’s like no one can hear you, or do they just not care? You start to feel faint, you stumble and eventually fall to the ground vision going black. As you wake up you look around see bars, thick metal bars. Welcome to the rest or your life. Or maybe you were swimming with your family when you were loured in to a net and separated from them, as workers work to lift you out of the water your mom screams refusing to leave the area, refusing to leave your side, but the workers don’t care they just keep going, your calling back to your mom but still no one lets up.…show more content…
Welcome to the rest of your life, a life of torture where every day you’re used as an object of someone else’s amusement, submitted to abuse, loneliness, boredom, never being able to see your loved ones again, never out of the cage. This is what happens to wild animals every day. These innocent creatures who have done absolutely nothing are being taken out of their habitats, put into spaces way too small, deprived of any control of their lives. It would be like being stuck in your house all day long, except your house doesn’t have glass walls, there’s nobody watching your every move, there’s no one forcing you to do trick that aren’t normal movements that you would make on a daily basis. Not to mention the idea it puts in children’s heads, what do they think when they see an animal locked up? Do they know that it’s not
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