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Is There Life Off Earth Wiki Final Project
My original opinion was that there is life off-earth. I justified this opinion with two great articles that took relatively unbiased stances on the subject of life off-earth. Both articles had great arguments for and against life off-earth. What I specifically used to justify my opinion was two things: Both articles talk about planets having similar features to earth. This would mean that they could (theoretically) hold and nurture life, as our planet did us. My other point was that the universe is at a minimum 93 billion light years across. There is so much space and time that I think it would be almost impossible for there not to be any off-earth organisms somewhere out there. Also, there is always the possibility that the universe is infinite which would automatically prove the existence of off-earth organisms because there would be an infinite number of possibilities. One person’s post that really opened my mind on the subject of life off-earth is Brandon Craig’s post. I replied to this specific post in the last assignment because I thought it was fantastic. Before I read this post, I thought of life off-earth as movie-like aliens. However, in Brandon’s post, he said “I don't necessarily believe there would be other life forms such as humans or aliens, but I definitely
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I think this post is great because it uses data and talks about known planets that we just can’t reach. Tamarah also cites her sources very well. When she is using data from a specific source, she names the source. Here is an example from Tamarah’s post: “In the article Sound of life in space, there is a belief that a planet about seven times the size of Earth could support alien life.” Furthermore, Tamarah has a very straight-forward post, I appreciate this as a reader. She doesn’t try to persuade me to either side. She uses the facts that she gathered from her articles and presents them in her own
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