Life On Death Row Is Not Pleasant Essay

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Life on death row is not pleasant so inmates neither is jail. “North Carolina’s death row inmates live in 11x7- foot cells and have access to a community room with stainless steel tables for playing chess, writing, watching a small TV or listening to music on their see-through audio paler. Outside each death row pod, prison guards sit behind dark-tinted glass monitoring inmates… Two days a week… they get to spend one hour in an exercise yard” (Life on death row: 'Am I going to be next? ') They only get two hours a week to be able to get out of there cell less than most offenders in maximum security prisons that get an hour a day outside. Although they will be able to exercise, workout, they can still make some money doing janitor work they will only get a few cents though. “They can also receive one visit a week with a maximum of two visitors” (Life on death row: 'Am I going to be next? '). Mainly the only good part about this is they can visit with one or two people a week so not all their freedoms are taken away even though guards are watching they get to spend time with their loved ones if anyone decides to visit. I cannot imagine having almost all my rights taken away. Although these offenders are considered highly dangerous they are still human, and you can never be sure that one committed a crime or not. Nowadays with new technology man people are taken out of jail after spending half their lives in confinement are set free, but most are set free with nothing but the

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