Life On Planet Luna

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My creature name is Abiel and it lives on planet Luna. Abiel is a peaceful creature and is highly intelligent. Life on planet Luna for Abiel is relatively easy because his body and senses are adapted to the planet's environment. They can live up to 17 to 20 years of age. Abiel is also at the top of the food chain.

Abiel gets his food by going out at night and hunting living animals on the planet. Abiel long claws and canines allows him to do this with ease. Abiel also eats grass and insects. This allows Abiel to have energy to migrate and travel around the planet. It also allows him to travel long distance uses his wings or feet.

Abiel as an adolescent has smaller wings, smaller canines, and can not reproduce. Abiel can not fly long distances due to his wings being smaller. They can not injure other animals due to the fact they have smaller canines and claws. Once a full grown adult Abiel are able to reproduce, fly long distances, and hunt with ease.
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Then during summer and spring Abiel shed their fur and it turns more gray and black. The environment in planet Luna has severe dust storm so Abiel developed a sixth sense and knows hours before it happens.

The moon on Luna is different and it takes 5 years for one full moon. This is because the moon is far from the sun and doesn't get enough light. On this full moon Abiel get pregnant and 6 months later they give birth. Usually they have 2-7 newborn babies.

Abiel body temperature falls and rises just like other mammals and so they need to keep their body temperature within a certain range. They are warm blooded
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