Life On The Boundary, The System Of Education

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According to Mike Rose in his book, Lives on the Boundary, the system of education in America is out of order. He goes on to explain why there should be equal education for everyone and gives suggestions on how it can be done. The major theme in the book is the relevance of education. In the first section of the book, Rose talks about his life: growing up in a lower socioeconomic world and his struggles to reach where he is currently. Rose argues that although the number of people graduating from high school and college has increased over the years, America still lacks proficiency in many of the subjects taught in these systems (Rose 6). The growing statistics blind people to the fact that the system is “failing”. Though he agrees that the system is not perfect, but notes that it is not as terrible as many people think. He points that there is nothing teachers can do about students with no will to learn as they cannot force them. He further goes on to fault the common opinion that people should look to the past for solutions, because even in the past, there was never an answer to explain why the schools aren’t working. According to Rose, there’s always been a problem, but no solution. The problem has only been restated and re-worded in several different ways such that looking into the past is redundant and futile. Rose offers a theory intertwined with his personal story. The narrative follows from his school experiences as an underprepared student all through to his

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