Life On The Gulledge Farm

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Endurance Life on the Gulledge farm was hard- much harder than it had been living with her grandparents’, but there were also so very good times too; Charity was happy. Henry was a loving and gentle husband, but living in such close quarters made it hard for them to explore each others bodies as they wanted to do, and with all the chores that needed doing, come nighttime, they were tired and sleepy. So oftentimes, early in the morning, before Nancy and Eli woke, they would take a blanket and slip off into the forest for an hour alone. It was for those alone moments that the two of them got through the rest of the day… Their love was very fertile, so within a few months, Charity was big with child. Once Henry realized she was to bear a…show more content…
Watching her waddle around the kitchen, setting the table for supper, Nancy thought that Charity might become frightened the closer her time come- Nancy had, to the best of her ability and personal knowledge, explained what happens and what to expect when the baby came. At first, wide-eyed over Nancy’s telling, Charity was a little apprehensive, but then, as if he were right there beside her, she heard the old man’s voice whisper in her ear, “Endurance, Little One. You will endure.” After that, she had not let it worry her, at least not until the first contraction wrapped around her uterus and not so gently squeezed her tightly. Charity grabbed a hold of the table and nearly dropped the plates she was carrying! Nancy had told her there would be binding pains, but hearing something and experiencing it is two different matters. “You might need to go lay down,” said Nancy, taking the plates from her and setting them on the table. “No, I’ll be alright- you told me that the pains will be spaced out at first and then get closer
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