Life On The Slow Lane : Better Or Worse?

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Chris Hessler
Prof. Adam Konopka
PHIL 100-06
22 February 2017
Life in the Slow Lane: Better or Worse? In this case study, we are presented with the dilemma of an individual named Josh. Josh regularly works 12 hours a day and is becoming very stressed. Working this long shift is not only putting a strain on his body mentally, but also physically. Josh, formerly a swimmer in college, can no longer swim a lap without going out of breath. It seems that every time Josh tried to start exercising, he would be pulled away because of a new crisis at work. After reading an in-flight magazine when returning from a recent vacation, he realized how overworked and squeezed for time he was. He had a constant stream of emails from his boss and
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I think that this part of the soul relates the closest to self-control because without self-control, you won’t be able to experience certain things in moderation. This part of the soul relates to the craftsmen of the city. The second part of the soul is being spirited. This is the desire for honor and courage. In life, everyone wants to be honored for something, whether it’s something that they’ve discovered or simply being honored for who you are. I think that this relates with the idea that you can’t love others before you love yourself. If you don’t have the desire to feel honor, how do you expect others to treat you that way? This part of the soul also relates to being courageous. I think that this part of the soul relates to the auxiliaries of the city. The third and final part of the soul is the rational part of the soul. This part of the soul is the desire for knowledge and wisdom. This is the thinking part of our soul; the part that decides what is right and wrong, as well as what is true and false. Based on the answers that we receive from this, we can conclude and make a decision with what is right in human life and what is most correct and acceptable. This is the part that helps us become the person that we are. Without having rational thinking, how can you control your moderation and self-control? How can you have the desire to be honored if you can’t decide what is right and wrong? I think that this part of the soul relates to the guardians of
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