Life On The Spectrum By Howie Jord Speech Analysis

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The lecture “Life on the Spectrum: Living, Learning and Growing as an Autistic Person” presented by Howie Jordan was given on October 27, 2015 at USC Upstate. This speech was about the struggles one with autism faces on a daily basis and the adversity they must overcome. Jordan tells the audience about autism through his eyes and the lessons he has learned through his struggles. Lessons such as how to overcome bullying, physical and mental obstacles, and educational struggles. Jordan’s purpose is to shine light on the idea that a person with autism is just that, a person. No matter what disabilities one may have they are still human and deserve to be treated like one in every part of life.
The lecture overall was touching and revealing on
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Simply, this means that instead of trying to find a way to fit in and make autism disappear do something with it like Jordan. Jordan took his autism and learned how to make the most out of it instead of giving up on life. Jordan looks at his autism as something to spread the word on. The more people understand about the life of one with autism and the struggles they go through, the more likely people are to take a stand for autism and support those in need. The concepts presented by Jordan relate to the themes of struggle, perseverance, and hope that are present in the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. In the book, Christopher struggles to be understood by those who don’t have autism such as his neighbors and his parents. He learns that to overcome these struggles like Jordan he must work with the talents he has and use them to his advantage like his problem solving skills to find the murderer of Wellington. Christopher is faced with many instances where everyone is against him like when the school doesn’t want to let him take A level classes. Christopher does everything in his ability through studying to prove that he is capable of whatever he puts his mind to. Hope is a combination of the entire book all in one. Christopher by learning to talk to people and get out of his comfort zone to achieve his
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