Life Or Death Essay

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Life or Death      There have been many issues through time that were loved by some, and hated by others. For example, people often debate the controversial issue of abortion. This issue is so involved, that it effects people morally, socially, and politically. At local clinics, some people will go as far as to hold protests. These are just some issues that effected people in the past and present ethically. Yet despite these issues, society has continued on. Euthanasia is an issue that concerns people of all ages in society today. Imagine, if you would, that you had a relative on his death bed with cancer. Their was no possible surgery that could remove the tumor. The doctors say that he could be suffering for…show more content…
This means that since Jesus Christ gave his life for our sins, therefore we owe him our lives in service. This can also be interpreted that since God gave us life that life is his to take away, not ours to do with as we feel is right. Another example of a religious group against euthanasia is Catholicism. "Causing a death, even to end suffering, is an "infamy" and thus a crime against humanity"(Tivnan 108). Also, the Jewish Orthodox says, even if a dying man who has previously refused life-sustaining equipment is in unbearable pain, wants to live no longer, and slips into an irreversible coma, no one has the right to end his life except God (Tivnan 107). This gives a good argument to out-law euthanasia, since it is against mostly every religion imaginable. What these religion's views say is that euthanasia is a bad thing. Yet in some Asian religions, like in the case of Samurai's or Ninja's, if a person was dishonored he must commit suicide or assisted by a friend. They believed that it was better to die with honor than to suffer with shame. This can be taken into context as early forms of euthanasia. Unlike the other religions, this seems to be the only one that agrees with the idea of euthanasia. The reason why religion plays an important part in society is because it effects the way we think about issues like this. It was once said that religion is nothing but a force to control society. In most countries, euthanasia is illegal and the
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