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Motivation, Emotions, and Intelligence Worksheet

Resources: Ch. 7 & 8 of Discovering Psychology and Motivation and Emotion – Interactive Tutorial

Provide a brief summary for each question. Your responses must total 500 to 800 words for the entire worksheet.

1. Describe three approaches to motivation. Explain how each approach affects motivation. 2. 3. The three approaches to motivation are Activation, Persistence, and Intensity. Activation is the involvement it takes to make a decision to begin a behavior, such as enrolling into a course or class. The affect that it has on motivation is that if a person has a low activation preference they become lazy or unmotivated. A high activation preference means the person
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Cannon-Bard Theory is a physiological explanation of emotion stating that we feel emotions and experience physiological reactions such as sweating, trembling and muscle tension. For example you are on a camping trip with your family and you go off to find a place to use the bathroom and you see a huge grizzly bear and you feel afraid and you tense in readiness to run away as fast as you can.

7. Choose one positive and one negative emotion related to being a student. Provide one example for each of how these emotions may affect your performance in class. 8. 9. The positive emotion related to being a student is joy. I have truly enjoyed several of my classes in school so far. When a student enjoys a class, it motivates them to work harder and then their performance in class is higher. Being able to see class as a positive experience rather than a chore is one of the greatest feelings a student can have. A negative emotion that is related to being a student during school is stress. This emotion can affect your performance in class by making you procrastinate on your work. This can cause a ripple effect of negative consequences such as failing your courses and then not being able to graduate. Stress causes a student to feel like they do not have enough time to balance work, school and their personal life and it will affect how they perform in class and will show in their work.

10. Summarize two theories of intelligence. What are the

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