Life, Poetry, And Death

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Life, Poetry, and Death Death, madness, and love are the main points of impulse in Sylvia Plath’s life, a habit that can be described as part of the unconscious. According to psychological studies, the effects of trauma and experience on an author can manifest itself in their writing (Caruth). For instance, we learned that the suffering of Sylvia Plath her whole life due to depression, the attempted of suicide, and the death of her father. Those traumatic experiences influenced the writing and interpretation of her poems. Many critics of poetry approach the poems by ignoring biographical features of the author, as if poems are not influenced at all in the design and creation of their authors. A good knowledge of these biographical facts of authors can greatly help to clear the dark aspects that we find in a poem. Biographical circumstance has been the key element that has led me to the poetry of this woman. Sylvia Plath, with her poems, transforms the crucial events of life, expressing their anger in poetry, hope, sadness and joy. Plath is a major (if not the main) exponent of what came to be called "Confessional Poetry" with one of her teachers, Robert Lowell, and Anne Sexton. Confessional poetry is a poetic movement that emerged in the U.S. in the 50s and 60s. It 's a very personal or "I" poetry. The content of the poems is eminently autobiographical, the intimate and sometimes unflattering information about the details of the poet 's personal life, such as mental
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