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In today’s society individuals differ in many ways, some possessions becoming more significant in value than others. While there is a large variety to choose from I have chosen what has made an impact and affected my life the most, and arranged them in the top three of my list. I have placed God, my family and education before anything and everything else. As I bow my head and pray I feel reassured and calm knowing that there is someone above mindful of me, a sense of peace knowing that all the tribulations that I have faced I have never faced alone. For that reason and for many more is why I have placed God number one on my list. I have always attended church therefore thinking that it was okay to call myself a “Christian”, but…show more content…
For months I went on like this the doctors misdiagnosing me time and time again, thinking I would never get better that is when I turned to God. This is the point where my life changed I completely gave myself to the Lord and knew everything had a purpose in life I just had to be patient. Soon after I was finally diagnosed with Lupus and put on medications everything was slow turning right side up. I was once told that God only places tribulations on individuals so that they can learn to lean on him in times of need. As I have faced problems in the past I have learned that I cannot always face them on my own but sometimes need the moral support of my family. My caring and loving family is number two on my list not only have they always been there for me, but when things get hard I know I can always count on them. Recently one of my friends had a run in with the child protective services and her one month old child was about to be taken away from her. She was being accused of abusing her child, having two broken ribs and head trauma to her tiny body was a serious crime. When asked who could take the baby into custody none of her family could step up to the plate, so she started asking her close friends to see if any of them would be willing to do it. When I heard about the situation I discussed it with my family explaining to them everything that had occurred, they knew that she was a close friend of mine and agreed that this child could
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