Life Reflection And Goals Of Life

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Life Reflection & Goals This elderly individual stated that she has no regrets about her life, and plans to continue to live the best that she can, while she still has time. She has no goals set right now, and does not plan on setting any. She set goals when she was younger and accomplished all of them. For example, she purchased her a house, a piano, mink, car, has her child, and a healthy God fearing life. She told the writer that she is not missing anything that she doesn’t have right now. She believes that life is not appreciated and respected by young people today. Back in her day everyone had goals and they would work hard to try to accomplish them. She feels as though, today people wake up with no purpose and is okay with that. If she could change anything she would teach today’s society how to love, respect and appreciate each other and what they have. She would also change how society views religion and God. She believes that church is more of a ritual these days. For example, the church may fill up on Easter Sunday, but will be empty on a low profiled Sunday. Every day, she starts her day off by praying the same prayer: “Lord, lead me, guide me, and direct me throughout the day: whatever your desire is.” Critical Analysis Section A: Attachment Theory From the very beginning of the interviewee’s life story, it was clear that she had a secure attachment with her parents. After asking her about her first memory she immediately explained how her parents treated

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