Life Review Paper

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Life Review Assignment
Lutricia Le
The University of Texas at Arlington, College of Nursing

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of

N3261 Nursing of Older Adults
Denise Cauble RN, PhD (c), CWOCN
July 3, 2013

Life Review Assignment
After learning of this opportunity to interview an elderly adult, I already had a candidate in mind. S.F. is the grandfather of my boyfriend and this was the perfect opportunity to learn more about his family roots. It made for an easier interview because I was able establish more intimate connections by interviewing the grandfather of someone so close to me. S.F. is an 80 year old Caucasian male living with his wife of 59 years in Mineral Wells, Texas. Born in Brazos, Texas, he is the middle
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Life reviews may be used for anyone, but they are predominantly used for patients who are exposed to hospice and terminal care. The particular goals that could be extracted for these patients may include helping older adults reach closure and improving their qualities of life. In talking about “the good ol’ days” with a supportive listener, feelings of isolation from an older adult may be reduced and feelings of positivity would be further introduced. Through life reviews, an older adult is able to experience “increased socialization and connectedness with others.” It also provides “cognitive stimulation, improves communication, and can significantly decrease depression” (Touhy & Jett, 2012, p. 100).
Though life review and ordinary remembering seem synonymous, the two share very compelling and diverse similarities and differences. Life review and ordinary remembering are similar in that they both deal with recollections of the past from the onset of adolescence. The pivotal difference is that a life review takes a further step and helps the older adult recollect past memories by search for meaning within each experience and tapping into the emotions of those experiences. Ordinary remembering refers to a more informal and objective recollection of past experiences, while life review is the more formal, structural, and subjective examination of past
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