Life School

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Jason is another main character in the screenplay. He is good looking man with short brown hair and blue eyes. He is tall and well-fit. Jason prefers casual clothes, likes to do sports and is not into study as Jeanine. A lot of women find him handsome but he never cares about their attention. Jason was raised on the East Cost, US in the hard working family. Jason’s parents got divorced when he was 10 and his father moved out and barely visited the family. It is fair to say that Jason did not get enough of his father’s attention, even though they did meet and spend time together from time to time.
When Jason turned 19, he moved to Los Angeles and his family stayed on the East Cost. He graduated with a bachelor degree in management and currently working in the insurance company. Jason was not an A-student and never spend too much time on homework, however, he
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He would rather lose whatever he has, but saves someone’s life. However, it was not always like that. Jason has made a lo t of mistakes in his life that Jeanine is not aware of. This made him learned a lot about “Life School”. He made a huge lesson through his mistakes and he still regrets about what he has do so far. This is what makes him different from Jeanine. Even though he is 24, he is already mature enough to make adults decisions. His biggest mistake was a car accident that happened 3 years ago. He was the one who caused this accident. Jason was a stupid, irresponsible guy who took a life of another person and did not even realize how much pain he brought to this person’s family. The worst part of the story was that he did not try to help anyhow to save the person’s life, instead he stole some of the personal stuff and ran away. Jason got very scared of getting into the jail and he was fully aware that he will spend a lot of time there. Even though Jason was struggling for a while and regrating about what he did, it will never make anyone feel
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