Life Skills Can Help Individuals To Make Knowledgeable

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Life skills can help individuals to make knowledgeable decisions, communicate productively and establish coping and self-management skills that may help a person to lead a healthy and beneficial life. In a constantly changing world, having life skills is an imperative factor of meeting the demands of life today. Research suggests that teaching life skills classes, beginning in kindergarten through high school, is effective for helping meet challenges in life because they have a positive impact on the success of individuals, employment, and society. The past few years there have been substantial revisions in the global economies as well as many changes in technology that are impacting not only education, but jobs and society as well.…show more content…
With that said, academics and life skills together, both play a factor in obtaining achievements. The problem arises in the lack of balance being taught in schools today. Life skills are learned, individuals are not born with them. Therefore, the learning truly begins at the onset of life but as children enter into the educational system in Kindergarten, it is vital to engage in life skill education alongside academics. This should continue to be part of the curriculum throughout high school. Education should prepare student for a successful future, whether that is continuing their education in college, entering the workforce or simply being a productive member of society. This process is becoming necessary as the world is changing fast and there is no guarantee how the world will look or function in even five or ten years from now. Schools need to equip students with the skills that will enable them to meet those challenges. They need to assimilate life skills into the daily curriculum, rather than it being seen as optional or even disregarded entirely. Social emotional learning goes hand in hand with life skills and is also part of the equation. Students need to be taught as well as have the opportunity to practice these skills, much in the same way they learn literacy and arithmetics. Having these skills will help individuals in many social and academic situations in the immediate

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