Life Span Development Essay

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Life Span Development and Personality Paper

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June 26th, 2013
Dr. Andrews

Life Span Development and Personality Paper

Michael Joseph Jackson was born August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009. He was well known for being an recording artist, dancer, singer-songwriter and philanthropist. He was a famous icon for over four decades. Michael was the eighth child of the Jackson’s family and shared his fame as being one of the Jackson 5’s along with his brothers. He began his solo career in 1971 and was a music icon by the early 80’s. Looking at the story of his life I feel that his environment had more influence on his psychological
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The most erotic behavior was when Michael decided to bleach his skin. Michael also was known for having a eating disorder. He admitted this himself when he admitted the pain from his father’s abuse. He suffered from bulimia at age seven. This followed him to adulthood where he was a very frail and weak adult. (Lauren, 2011). His stressful life and deprived childhood could be a cause for this disorder. There was a child molestation case against Jackson with a 13 year old boy in which resulted in a drug addiction caused the bulimia to get worse. Michael’s body was skeletal and his body was extremely pail. It is not known as of yet if this disorder contributed to his death. The last disorder known to have been suffered by Michael is a sleep disorder. Some research has shown that a person that one with less than sufficient sleep is more prone to cause accidents. I can also be related to affecting relationships and mental prowess; it makes you feel “disconnected” from the world. When your lack of sleep is caused by a tough deadline or a common cold, one normally does not have any problems recovering a normal pattern, but if you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis, this guide to managing common sleep problems and disorders can help you be well on your way to experiencing healthy, restorative sleep. (Barston, 2010).
Michael Jackson didn’t have much of a child hood at the age of 5 he was applauded for his voice at a recital performed
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