Life Span Development: Toddler Education

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Introduction Education is now becoming a very contentious issue in the developed nations. With the advent of globalization, many nations are now competing with emerging markets jobs and subsequent innovation. In order to maintain competitive advantage relative to other peer nations, America must first focus on education. The manner in which to enhance education has long been debated. Various topics such as antiquated course material, school locations, teacher salary, the viability of standardized tests, and teacher quality have all been discussed. It is my belief however, that the age in which a child begins education is paramount to the overall developing of the child and the facility. Using Paiget's theory, concepts such classroom planning, activities, and classroom design, are all impacted. What is unique with Piaget's theory is that is provides a unique approach that is customizable rather than standardized. As the cultural diversity of the developed nations increases, so too will the need to have a customizable approach to toddler learning. Development Characteristics The development characteristics and its subsequent occurrences of toddlers are very important to human growth. Through the use of biological and chemical changes, the body constantly evolves and changes. Toddlers quickly grow, both physically and mentally. They become more accustomed to their bodies and the overall dynamics of how it works. Aspects such as riding a bike are examples of cognitive
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